Aquinas Visions was formed to use our talents to help push influential messaging to people.


We believe everyone has a gift. Those gifts must be cultivated in a progressive creative environment then shared with the world to empower people. Here at Aquinas Visions we are relentless and fearless in our pursuit of passion and ingenuity. Through thoughtful imaginative genius we make a lasting impact on the human soul and psyche.




Eric Crawford is an Artist, Content Creator, and Videographer from Maywood, IL. Eric received a BFA from Knox College in Galesburg, IL in 2016. He also received a minor in business with a focus on Marketing Strategy and Branding. Creation for Eric is a passion. He describes it as a strong desire to utilize the elements of art to communicate in depth messages to the desired audience. He has the ability to create on a variety of platforms and across different forms of media. In 2016 Eric started Aquinas Visions as a creative collective to help clients visually connect with their consumers


Donavan Rosa is a Photographer, Content Creator, and from Chicago, IL. Donnie began working with cameras in High School. He eventually received a BA in Communication and a MA in Social Work. He uses his talent of Photography to capture the innate essence of his subjects to highlight them in the greatest possible light. 

Charlie Copeland is a skilled photographer. He has taken pictures for some of the top musicians in the city of Chicago. Charlie is currently pursuing a degree in professional photograph development from DePaul University.

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Chicago, IL, USA

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