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We curate amazing event for your customers and fan base. Events everywhere from Open Mic Nights, to Weddings, to Live Shows & Corporate events. We help curate your event to insure you get the best results. Event coverage starts the moment you create the event. Every single detail from the email, flyers, location, press, and vendors are to be considered to conduct a successful event. 





We Offer several building blocks for planning successful events.

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The HeyDaze Live

at The Elbo Room


STEP 1: Collateral

STEP 2: Presentation

STEP 3: Promotion

This Process involves going over the purpose of the event then collecting all the necessary parties involved ie. staff, vendors, locations and sponsors.

Developing the themes of the event. Here is were the visions and layout of your event is concieved all the way down to the decor and signage.

Establish a promotional strategy for the event.

STEP 4: PR/Media Coverage

STEP 5: Bedizenment

STEP 6: Social Media

Reach Out to various Publications and media outlets that cover live events. We also provide our own video recap of the event as well.

Designing/Decoration the venue space to accommodate the consumers, guests and talent involved in the event.

Each part of the event needs social media coverage to be a definite success in today's age. We provide the framework to insure your event is being properly covered before it starts, during the event, and after everyone has had a great time.

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